Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance

Say HELLO to SUMMER! Service and Maintenance is very important to having a hassle free boating season. I'm sure you have heard that preventive maintenance can save you money in the long run...well, that is true. Nothing is worse than planning a trip only to end up drifting around because of a $25 part that could have been replaced during seasonal service. Please feel free to contact us and we will recommend the best service for your boating needs. If you are a regular customer, we have records on your boat and will advise you of the recommended service. Make the call now to get on the schedule and avoid spring launch delays.

Suggestion List for Summer time

  • Batteries fully charged- clean posts & terminal leads
  • Get a spare set of keys made to leave at the Marina
  • Clean and treat canvas-plan to do repairs before the season starts
  • Be sure your Boat U.S. towing coverage is current and adequate
  • Buy a spare prop- be sure that your old one is reconditioned
  • Check all safety gear - be sure the dates on your flares and fire extinguisher are current.

Services Recommended for Summer Maintenance

Battery Service

Load and cell test batteries, top off water level, clean cable and terminal ends, coat with corrosion guard. Remove and charge as necessary. Reinstall or install new.

  • $200.00 minimum for most boats - $100 per battery plus cost of battery as needed and authorized.

Bottom Painting

Consisting of sanding, prep and single season ablative paint. Interlux Bottom Coat Act-Black is used unless otherwise requested

  • 18-20 ft. =$22.00 per foot
  • 21-25 ft. =$26.00 per foot
  • 26-29 ft. =$30.00 per foot
  • 30-36 ft. =$36.00 per foot
  • 37-41 ft. =$38.00 per foot
  • 42 ft & up = By Quote Only

* Hazmat Fee Additional $25.00
**Additional Coats by Quote**BOAT MUST BE OUT OF WATER**Blocking Additional**Excessive buildup Extra**

Outdrive & Transom Assembly Reconditioning

Drive and Transom assy. are sandblasted, primed and painted with anti fouling paint. This is primarily used to combat corrosion on your outdrive and transom assy.

  • All Drives- $550.00 per outdrive & transom assembly.

Anode Replacement

All anodes need to be replaced yearly. An anode may look in good condition, as the majority is still there, however, a coating of scale will make it ineffective

  • Merc-Alpha 1= $151.99
  • Merc- Alpha Gen II = $181.59
  • Merc- Bravo 1 = $189.16
  • Merc-Bravo II & III thru 2004 = $164.58
  • Merc-Bravo III 2004- Present = $180.83
  • Inboard- Varies per boat- Apx. = $190.00
  • Volvo- Most = $218.00
  • OMC- Most = $183.00

Prop Reconditioning

These are average prices. Inboards and Bravos vary. Freight charges additional. Removal and installation additonal.

  • Aluminum Props- $95.00
  • Stainless Steel- $175.00- $225.00
  • Inboard- By Quote
  • Duo-Prop- $x2

Shrink Wrap Removal and Disposal

Shrink wrap can be removed by owner, however, it cannot be disposed of in the dumpster. It will need to be recycled.

  • All sizes- $100.00 Extra time for larger boats and to put up canvas.

Trailer Service

Includes inspecting and repacking bearings, replace grease seals, check lights and tires.

  • Single Axle Labor- $300.00 plus parts
  • Tandem Axle Labor- $500.00 plus parts

We recommend the following services be done at winterization. If not done, we will try to accommodate you before the boat is launched in spring. Mid-season service may require your boat to come out of the water causing you to incur unnecessary charges. Please plan accordingly.

Oil & Filter Change

Oil becomes acidic with breakdown of engine metals and should be changed at time of winterization to flush and lubricate the internal components for storage. An oil change mid-season also would be prudent.

  • Standard Oil Change - 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines Parts & Labor $149.50
  • Big Block Oil Change - 7.4, 8.1 Liter Engines Parts & Labor $165.00
  • Generator Oil Change - $139.50 Parts & Labor $139.50
  • Generator Oil Change w/Sound Box Parts & Labor $189.50

Fuel Filter Replacement

With the Ethanol situation ever evolving we are finding that staying on top of fuel filter replacement has proven instrumental in maintaining optimum running conditions for the season.

  • Water Separator Filter Replacement - Most Engines Parts & Labor $63.00
  • Mercruiser In Line Fuel Filter 2002 - Current - MPI Parts &Labor $115.00
  • Mercruiser Canister Type Filter 2002 - Current Parts & Labor $111.50

Basic Drive Service

This is a required annual service consisting of: Lube change and pressure test drive. Inspect and grease u-joints and gimbal bearing or intermediate housing. Inspect transom hoses and bellows, check engine alignment and torques gimbal ring. Flush and refill reservoir bottle.

  • Merc Alpha 1 & Gen II & OMC Cobra - Parts & Labor $284.00
  • Merc Bravo Drives & Inboard & VOLVO - Parts & Labor $384.00
  • Outboard Gear Lube Change - Parts & Labor $129.50
  • Transmission Oil Change (filter additional) - Parts & Labor $145.00

Water Pump Service

Have you run into shallow water or hydrilla this season? We recommend bi-annual service to replace impeller and gaskets.

NOTE: For Merc Alpha 1 and Gen II drives a basic drive service is required to perform this water pump service as the drive must be off.

  • Volvo - Parts & Labor $270.00 - $325.00
  • Merc Alpha 1 & Gen II & OMC Cobra - Parts & Labor $160.00
  • Merc Bravo Drives & Inboard - Parts & Labor $405.00
  • Outboard - Labor Only $300.00
  • Generator - Parts & Labor* $140.00 - $290.00
  • All Water Pump kits quoted by type - Parts Range $55.00 - $108.00

*Labor based on generator location and accessibility