Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance Preventive maintenance

Let us care and service your boat! We will inspect, detect and correct and failures before they occur and before they develop into major defects. With our preventive maintenance services, your boat will be operating satisfactory this boating season.

Services Recommended for Preventive Maintenance

Oil & Filter Change

Oil becomes acidic with breakdown of engine metals and should be changed every season.

  • Standard Oil Change- 4,6, and 8 cylinder- $149.50 (parts and labor)
  • Big Block Oil Change- 7.4, 8.1 Liter Engines- $165.34 (parts and labor)
  • Generator Oil Change- $127.50 w/ Sound Box- $177.50

*Synthetic Oil Upon Request

Fuel Filter Replacement

Filter replacement has proven instrumental in maintaining optimum running conditions for the season.

  • Water Separator Filter Replacement- Most Engines- $61.90 (parts and labor)
  • MerCruiser In Line Fuel Filter 2002- Current- MPI- $109.00 (parts and labor)
  • MerCruiser Canister Type Filter 2002- Current- $154.92 (parts and labor)

Basic Drive Service

Required annual service consisting of lube change and pressure test drive. Inspect and grease u-joints and gimble bearing or intermediate housing. Inspect transom hoses and bellows, check engine alignment and torque gimble ring. Flush and refill reservoir bottle.

  • Merc., Alpha i & Gen II & OMC Cobra- $284.00 (parts and labor)
  • Merc. Bravo Drives & Inboard & Volvo- $384.00 (parts and labor)
  • Outboard Gear Lube Change- $129.50 (parts and labor)
  • Transmission Oil Change (filter additional)- $145.00 (parts and labor)

Water Pump Service

We recommend bi-annual service to replace impeller and gaskets. Note: For Merc Alpha 1 & Gen II drives a basic drive service is required to perform this water pump service as the drive must be off.

  • Merc., Alpha I & Gen II, OMC, Cobra & Volvo- $100.00 (labor only)
  • Merc. Bravo Drives & Inboard- $300.00 (labor only)
  • Outboard- $150.00 (labor only)
  • Generator- $140.00-$290.00 (parts and labor)*
  • All Water Pump Service Kits Quoted by Type- Parts Range $55.00 - $108.00

*Labor based on generator location & accessibility